What The HeLL Is Going ON?

Here's how we see it...


To accomplish real change, we can no longer form our ideas around what the administration finds palatable.

Increasing Academic Flexibility

We must value personal well-being and extracurricular learning by allowing students to tailor their academic experience to fit their needs.
  • Allow students to graduate in 5 years
  • Restructure Midterms
  • P/D/F option for Writing Seminar
  • Delay P/D/F Election Deadline

Strenghtening Community

There must be physical spaces into which students can escape the constant pressure to perform.
  • Claim a Real Student Center Separate from Admin
  • Increase Number of Communal Spaces in Older Dorms
  • Explore Affinity Housing
  • Re-Open Campus Pub

Amplifying Student Voices

For the University to effectively support our well-being and generate a productive learning environment, decision-making must be centered around student experience.
  • A More Responsive and Accessible USG
  • Direct Communication with University Decision Makers
  • Annual Student-Directed Review of Course Pedagogy & Format for Large, Core Requirements

Read The Full Further Together Policy Platform

Who We Are

We are a coalition of students working to move Princeton further together

Isabella Shutt '24

Candidate For President

SPIA Major from Rural NC

JJ Scott '24

Candidate For Vice President

English Major from Norfolk, VA

Walker Penfield '25

Candidate For Treasurer

Hareton Song '26

Candidate For Academics
Committee Chair

Sean Bradley '24

Candidate For Sustainability
Committee Chair

Uma Fox '26

Candidate For Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair

Genevieve Shutt '26

Candidate For Class Senator

Braiden Aaronson '25

Candidate For Class Senator

Aishwarya Swamidurai '26

Current U-Councillor

Dillion Gallagher '23

Current U-Councillor

Candidate For President: Isabella Shutt '24
Candidate For Vice President: JJ Scott '24
Candidate For Treasurer: Walker Penfield '25

Candidate For Committee Chair of...
Sustainability: Sean Bradley '24
Academics: Hareton Song '26
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Uma Fox '26

Class Senator: Braiden Aaronson '25 and Genevieve Shutt '26

Get Involved

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To get in direct contact with Further Together, email ishutt@princeton.edu